Who the fuck?

I’m Sara. I’m in my twenties, and that’s all you need to know, internet. I used to make chocolate and now I don’t. I’m going to culinary school so I can hopefully one day make delicious, healthy food to people for need it. Fuck the yuppies! Uh, yeah. I’ve been a vegan for two years, and when I’m not waving my knives around the kitchen in a fit of anger, I am writing about the food I pay other people to make for me. I’m into Seinfeld re-runs, burping, drinking modelos, cooking (duh), tandem bikes, Arab on Radar, gnarly sandwiches, feminism and fucking shit up. I am NOT into rain, slow walkers, iceberg lettuce, humanity. My favorite food is coconut. I probably don’t like you.

Why do you write this shit?

Why does anyone write a blog? For internet praise and attention, duh. Just kidding, no one reads this crap. I guess I am just way into food. I can’t stop talking about it. I also hope that this blog might help vegans in (and visiting) Montreal to find spots to eat. Wouldn’t that just be the sweetest thang?

How can I get in contact with you and tell you how much I fucking ___ you?

You can e-mail me at sara at tylerchickinelli dot com


2 responses to “About

  1. So, I need to become a good cook. I’m tired of the same old grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. I am going to attempt your green spinach pasta thingy. Looks good. I will let you know how it works out…and how it goes down.

  2. Astrid Voura

    I was planning on visiting Montreal in the new year and I was wondering if you have any must-eat (and must-eat cheep!) recommendations for a vegan duo.

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