miso! miso! miso!


Ah, sushi. Every once in awhile, I like to indulge in good, quality sushi. To hell with my small, next to non existent budget! I was craving good sushi, and so I went forth with my month-long craving to find new and exciting sushi in Montreal. Well, what I found wasn’t new but rather a quiet, resident sushi king ruling over he upper plateau. Located on my favorite street in Montreal (1650 Laurier, ten minute walk from Laurier metro), Tri-Express is mon nouveau coup de coeur sushi. Huddled in a corner by the window in the cramped, but beautifully decorated space, my three dining companions and I explored the menu, which is creative, interesting and extensive. I had the miso soup to start, such a comfort food for me and this one did not disappoint.

What a beauty! Definitely a winner,  flavorful but not overpowering.

I also ordered the green tea, which was devine. As for the sushi, I went for Le Vege Maki (steamed lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, japanese vegetables), and Le Makki De Bouddah (marinated tofu, cucumber, steamed lettuce).

Now, you tell me: have you ever seen prettier, more delicate sushi? I know I haven’t. I cannot tell you how utterly delicious these were. Le Makki de Bouddah tasted like heaven, literally. Soft but spicy little bites of heaven. I preferred them to Le Vege Makki, but not by much. Imagine eating a little bite-size forrest full of flavor and color: you’re about half way to what it is to feast on the best vegetarian sushi in Montreal. And my companions? Omnivores, they opted for Le St-Jospeh (such cute mini hommages to our city) and other tempura-ladden options which also got delightful reviews.

My satan-loving friend's St-Joseph

Thumbs up for the tempura!

All in all, probably one of the best meals I’ve had in awhile. My quest for good vegetarian sushi is over. Tri-Express is all I’ll ever need. In my excitement to gush over the food, I almost forgot to talk about the service. Friendly, but a little slow, especially considering the amount of people in the restaurant at three in the afternoon (0). Other than that, perfect. beautiful. delicious.

A food snob, satisfied.

En Bref,

Food: 9/10.

Service: 7/10

Price: $$$-$$$$. Worth every penny.

Overall: 8.5-9/10. Will come back. Again. and again. and again.



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4 responses to “miso! miso! miso!

  1. Tatiana

    J’ai du mal avec les sushis (le goût des algues me rappellent trop la mer et le poisson) mais ta chronique me donne envie de re-essayer :o)

  2. Salut! En ce qui concerne des sushis végé, je te conseil fortement Sago Sushi situé sur la rue St-Denis juste au nord de la rue Ontario. Leur variété de sushi végé semble limité sur leur menu, mais le chef sympathique prépare des sushi personnalisés végétarien!

    Aussi, j’ai remarqué ton expérience chez “la faim du monde”, et malgré n’avoir jamais mangé là, je peux tout de suite te donner le nom de mon restaurant indien favori (and believe you me I have quite the high standards for such cuisine considering I’m Indian). Voici le nom du resto Malhi Sweets situé au coin de Jarry et Wiseman… bon appétit!

  3. Thanks so much for this post. We are heading to Montreal for the first time this weekend and this place is less than half a mile from our hotel – we’ll definitely be giving it a whirl!

  4. heroincookies

    Tatiana – tu devrais! Moi ausi, ca ma pris un temps pour m’y habituer, mais les sushi vege, c’est encore plus facile! 🙂

    La Petite Patissiere – MERCI BEAUCOUP, j’irais bientot!

    Mary – You’re welcome! I love your blog. Wanna be link buddies?

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