sweet tunes for the secret fattie

So, uh, I’m broke and can’t really afford to eat anything other than bananas dipped in peanut butter and the occasional bowl of broccoli and rice. Other than highly recommending Rachel’s Remedy at Le Cagibi (5490 St-Laurent) as the Ultimate Winter Cure (whiskey and apple juice? ginger? LEMON? Talk about a sickies wet dream!), I don’t have much to report on. In an attempt to keep this blog alive, however, I have decided to keep posting, so here’s a bullshit filler post, aka a list of tunes/records I listen to when cooking, eating, and thinking about food. Perhaps this will inspire some rad cooking sessions to come. Cool, let’s start this.

GIANT DUH. If you aren’t listening to MF DOOM, you are missing out. Best for making brunch for the hungover assholes you call friends or better yet, a late night munchies meal. This record is so good it’s perfect for anytime of the day, but trust me when I say it is highly amplified by greeny goodness, friends and junk food. I dig it with deep fried cauliflower, french toast in beer batter, or super rich double, triple fucking chocolate chip cookies. Put this on, get real, get high, get real high and Enjoy.


I really couldn’t pick which PJ album I wanted in here, but this gem of a band has a song for everything, including heart break and eating your feeeewings. Listen to I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream) while cursing your ex and stuffing your face. Put it on and trash around the kitchen as you make your new fling a Guiness Chocolate Cake. Makes crying into your Rice Dream that much bearable. You’re not a sissy, but you have feelings too. I know, I’m right there with you.


This album is perfect for those times when you agreed to bring food to a party you don’t even want to go to. Energetic, feminist, awesome tunes with a food-theme.  Don’t worry about those four dozen perogies or that you only have 2 hours to make them. You’ll do it all, and still have some time to kill. This album makes me want to kick some ass, and that’s exactly the kind of shit you need when you’re pressed for time. Also, am I the only one who thinks White Pepper Ice Cream doesn’t sound that bad? They’re onto something!


Coolest album cover of all time? I think so. This band rules, but they rule harder when you’re on a serious sugar high or looking to be. This album is full of sweet tunes about tooth decay and lemonade, real dreamy shit. Listen to it on a summer afternoon, on shrooms or just eating a popsicle. You’ll go to sleep dreaming of chocolate rivers and boyfriends with lollipops for heads. Or something.

In conclusion, I have bad taste in music and I may or may not indulge in some questionable substances, but I still know what I’m talking about when it comes to eating, so enjoy these with whatever you please, and let me know if you have any suggestions for restaurants for me to try in the Montreal area, or heck, even in Omaha, I will be visiting for NYE. Hit me up, babies. I’m all ears.  Real entry with food porn soon. Pinky promise.


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latino lovin’

Oh my god, you guys, I’m in love. Yes, ladies and gents, I am head over heels with La Chilenita (64 Marie-Anne Ouest), or more specifically, my new favorite snack; the grilled tofu sandwich on whole wheat, no mayo. If I could marry a sandwich, I would marry it. I want this sandwich to be my boyfriend. I could go on, but you get the point. I discovered La Chilenita when, one late afternoon, after an hour of walking around The Main wondering what the hell we could both eat, my mega-babe camera genius friend Victoria proposed we go eat some “fucking excellent Chilean food!” Ok, I said, why not? We’d exhausted the routine spots (I still love you, Santropol.), and after hearing how vegan-friendly it was, I was a mix of curious and excited. Or maybe that was just hunger. Regardless, I was not disappointed. La Chilenita is the kind of restaurant that deserves to be hyped up. This is real food, authentic, made with love and all the right spices. True to her word, the chalkboard menu boasts many vegetarian and easily veganize-able items, as well as a lovely selection of empanadas, which is what they are most famous for. Vegans beware, however, the empanada’s dough has egg wash, so despite the two vegetarian options, they are not vegan friendly! Bummer, because everyone in sight seems to be enjoying one.

yes, that's me. i am a nerd.

The restaurant itself is small, with only a few tables for indoor dining. The decor is simple, if a little bland, but still warm and welcoming, with an exposed kitchen and lots of natural light. The girl at the counter barely speaks any French, or English for that matter, and like I whispered over to Victoria later on, that is always a good sign when it comes to trying to find authentic food. I order the grilled tofu sandwich, no mayo, on whole wheat. HIGHLY recommended by my dinner companion, who used to come here back in her high school vegetarian days, the tasty tofu is topped with grilled red peppers, tomatoes, home-made gaucamole and onions. First off, the bread. Throughly impressed, and though my researches came up with nothing, I highly suspect them of making it themselves. The gauc itself is a little miracle, so fresh and delicious and pretty much dripping out of every side. The tofu is perfect, marinated with subtle flavor, nothing overwhelming, just a beautiful marriage with the vegetables and the gaucamole. The sandwich is fair-sized, cut in half, and very messy to eat. When eaten in the restaurant, corn chips are served on the side to scoop up all the leftover gaucamole that’s fallen out of the sandwich. There’s mix and match plates, the chair’s are slightly uncomfortable, and it’s noisy. And you know what? That’s all part of the experience.


One of my favorite découvertes 2010 so far. If you’re into really good, really cheap, authentic Chilean food, go. Fuck it, if you’re into good food period, go. Even if you’re not into good food, and eat junk all day, go! Go and try something, I DARE YOU not to fall in love with the simplicity, warmth and deliciousness of La Chilenita. Oh boy, I think I have a crush.

En Bref,

Food: 9.5/10

Service: 8.5/10

Price: $ – dirt cheap!

Overall: 9/10. It’s pretty much perfect.


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miso! miso! miso!


Ah, sushi. Every once in awhile, I like to indulge in good, quality sushi. To hell with my small, next to non existent budget! I was craving good sushi, and so I went forth with my month-long craving to find new and exciting sushi in Montreal. Well, what I found wasn’t new but rather a quiet, resident sushi king ruling over he upper plateau. Located on my favorite street in Montreal (1650 Laurier, ten minute walk from Laurier metro), Tri-Express is mon nouveau coup de coeur sushi. Huddled in a corner by the window in the cramped, but beautifully decorated space, my three dining companions and I explored the menu, which is creative, interesting and extensive. I had the miso soup to start, such a comfort food for me and this one did not disappoint.

What a beauty! Definitely a winner,  flavorful but not overpowering.

I also ordered the green tea, which was devine. As for the sushi, I went for Le Vege Maki (steamed lettuce, mushrooms, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, japanese vegetables), and Le Makki De Bouddah (marinated tofu, cucumber, steamed lettuce).

Now, you tell me: have you ever seen prettier, more delicate sushi? I know I haven’t. I cannot tell you how utterly delicious these were. Le Makki de Bouddah tasted like heaven, literally. Soft but spicy little bites of heaven. I preferred them to Le Vege Makki, but not by much. Imagine eating a little bite-size forrest full of flavor and color: you’re about half way to what it is to feast on the best vegetarian sushi in Montreal. And my companions? Omnivores, they opted for Le St-Jospeh (such cute mini hommages to our city) and other tempura-ladden options which also got delightful reviews.

My satan-loving friend's St-Joseph

Thumbs up for the tempura!

All in all, probably one of the best meals I’ve had in awhile. My quest for good vegetarian sushi is over. Tri-Express is all I’ll ever need. In my excitement to gush over the food, I almost forgot to talk about the service. Friendly, but a little slow, especially considering the amount of people in the restaurant at three in the afternoon (0). Other than that, perfect. beautiful. delicious.

A food snob, satisfied.

En Bref,

Food: 9/10.

Service: 7/10

Price: $$$-$$$$. Worth every penny.

Overall: 8.5-9/10. Will come back. Again. and again. and again.


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